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Office Photos

Family Therapy / Large Movement 

Co-regulation is vital in attachment work. I will facilitate interactive games and activities to promote attachment between child & parents as well as work with siblings. Pictured below is a co-regulation area utilizing a rocking chair with books, sensory items, and games.

See Brighter Days Family Therapy Room

Play & Sand Tray Therapy

Various forms of play make therapy fun and engaging for the child while working through difficult memories, thoughts, and feelings.

See Brighter Days trauma therapy with play and sand tray

Adult / Teens Therapy Room

Art & sensory items are also included in the adult therapy room. 

See Brighter Days counseling for trauma, anxiety, depression, self-harm, & suicidal ideation

Adult Only Wait Room & Coffee Area

There is an adult only sitting area separate from the child-friendly wait room. 

Also in this area is a beverage center.

See Brighter Days counseling adult room

Sensorimotor Therapy

The use of movement (especially bilateral stimulation ) in regulating big emotions is very effective. Pictured below are some of the equipment I will use with a child.

(Note: I have 3 types of swings that are child use only)

See Brighter Days Trauma Therapy with movement

Art & Sensory Therapy

Creative forms of play allow the therapist to aid the child/adolescent to tell their story in a more manageable way.

See Brighter Days trauma therapy with art and lighting

Child friendly Waiting Room

The large waiting room provides an area for a parent who has other children as well as an area for siblings who will may need to be present for parts of the family activities during therapy.

See Brighter Days counseling waiting room for children

Trauma, Attachment, Anxiety, & Depression Resources Available 

Handouts, brochures, and information sheets are free to take in the wait room. 

See Brighter Days therapy for attachment
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