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My Services:

Family Therapy

Family therapy is strongly encouraged as part of the individual child/youth's treatment. Conjoint therapy sessions help children, youth and their families inspire a way towards a better ability to communicate, problem solve and strengthen their relationships.

Note: Attachment therapy requires parent involved family therapy.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are offered for children & youth, as well as women of all ages.

Traditional techniques from somatic psychology such as somatic experiencing or sensorimotor therapy, EMDR (eg: bilateral stimulation), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (eg: mindfulness) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are integrated into the sessions to target needed areas in order to achieve goals.

All clients can benefit from the process of exploring and expressing themselves through the experience of play. Sand, sensory play, art activities, movement, and other interactive materials offer the opportunity for creativity and processing in a non-traditional manner.

Christian Counseling
for women

God's Word is foundational for Christian counseling. Christian counseling holds the premise that all human beings are created by God as unique individuals and that a sense of freedom is found in understanding identity in Christ. Her approach is to integrate Biblical truths with appropriate treatment approaches to help the individual navigate life's challenges, recognize their value and worth, discover their strengths, and build skills. 

Services for the following Issues:

  • Abuse & Neglect Issues

  • Anger Management

  • Anxiety

  • Attachment Issues - including Adoption / Foster Care

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Complex Trauma & PTSD

  • Depression

  • Dissociation

  • Divorce / Blending Families

  • Domestic Violence

  • Grief & Loss

  • Parenting

  • Self-Esteem

  • Self-Harming Behaviors

  • Spirituality

  • Stress

  • Suicidal Ideation

Treatment Approaches/Types of Therapy:

  • Integrative

  • Attachment-based

  • Bibliotherapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

  • Dialectical Behavior (DBT

  • EMDR / Bilateral Stimulation

  • Expressive Arts Therapy

    • Creative Art​

    • Sensory Play - Eg: Clay, Sand, Material Textures, Music, Movement, etc...

  • Mindfulness

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Narrative

  • Person-centered & Strength-based

  • Polyvagal

  • Somatic

  • Trauma Focused

  • Christian Counseling

More about me:

With over 20 years of early childhood professional experience, five years concentrated on a Reggio Emilia inspired approach, I learned about the influence of Dr Malaguzzi on the history of this approach and the importance of supporting traumatized children in their development using motor skills and expressive language through nature, art, and play. Mobilization, creative art expression, and sensory play can bring the child/adolescent into connection with safety and a disconnect from danger. Working with the child or adolescent utilizing these approaches provides a fun way of addressing dissociation. During my early childhood years, I was also a NAEYC workshop leader for infant/child massage with bonding and storytelling activities for teachers and parents (not associated with First Play or Theraplay). As part of a UW Milwaukee research team entrusted with creating and implementing therapeutic activities for elementary through high school students, I also learned about the essential need for children and adolescents to have meaningful connections and discovered that successful pathways in life relied on connection with at least one supportive adult.

My journey comprised personal experiences with adoption and reactive attachment concerns. Through this journey, I learned about co-regulation in supporting a child as a foundational need in life - feeling safe and secure. As attachment therapy evolved over the years, I continued to explore the approaches and the integration of gentle practices utilizing play to work with awareness of body sensations until a child/adolescent is ready to cognitively process their thoughts and reactions.

My experience also includes co-leading a therapeutic support group for child and adolescent sexual abuse survivors as well as co-leading a therapeutic support group for trafficked and in the "no- life"/prostituting women. Leading these groups provided me with recognition of the vital need for holistic, effective approaches for complex trauma. This took me on a journey to learn from the world experts in the field of trauma work and to undergo continuous training.

Serving as an associate program director/clinical coordinator for intensive community based mental health programs the last seven years, contributed to my professional growth and understanding of psychiatric treatment in working with adults with a severe mental illness. These included schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc. as well as co-occurring substance use and/or medical diagnosis. This experience provided me with insight into the progression of these illnesses and how protective factors developed during childhood and adolescent years provide stabilizing and supportive foundations for the individual to adopt healthy coping skills and choices. 

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